Paper Wristbands for Schools

wristbands for schools

Paper wristbands for schools are known as Tyvek Wristbands. The terminology paper wristbands is used because most people don’t know what a Tyvek Wristband is made of.

Paper wristbands like Tyvek Wristbands are tear resistant, stretch resistant water proof wristbands. They are made of Tyvek a Synthetic Paper.

Paper wristbands come in 1? and 3/4? sizes and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
We stock hundreds of Stock Design Paper wristbands w/die cut end. Sizes are: 10? x 3/4? or 10? x 1? that can ship same day.

View some of our new Paper Tyvek Wristband designs.

Paper Wristbands are Non-stretch, single use, Tamper proof and come with a very aggressive peel off adhesive that is very simple to use. They are applied by simply pulling off a tab that exposes the adhesive, then wrapping the band around the wrist to a comfortable fit. They fit large adults to small children. One size fits all.

Paper Wristbands are excellent, for admission, security, crowd control, drinking age verification, concerts, etc… Our wristbands are being used by some the largest entertainment attractions in the world!

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