Clip On Wristbands Used by Blackpool School for Headbangers

Clip On Wristbands used by Blackpool School for Headbangers

BLACKPOOL – School pupils get ‘banned’ for bumping each others heads together.

Mereside Primary school in Blackpool recently introduced a system that uses clip on wristbands to monitor pupils that bang heads.

Although, mainly used for charitable purposes for raising awareness, printed clip on wristbands are increasingly being used in schools for all manner of functions.

“With bumped heads, you have that risk of more serious issues happening if there’s no warning there to keep an eye out. Rather than a note that can be missed and child becoming poorly with no obvious reason why, we bring it to the forefront of parents’ minds.” – Maria Lydon

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In this case any pupil that has banged their head is provided with a custom printed wristband. The band informs parents that they need to keep an eye on their child in case of concussion.

Remarkably, these wristbands for schools are extremely cost effective and very safe to hand out to the children. Most notably, they are now being used for dinner times, rewards and more.

Clip on wristbands not just for headbanging.

Teachers at the school have also remarked on how cheap the wristbands are and how useful they’ve become. They are now used for class trips with full details of the trip printed onto the wristband.

The idea for using wristbands was introduced by headteacher Sarah Bamber earlier in 2018. The school has taken over the task of printing on the wristbands with an in-house machine.

“The printed band attached to their wrist is accompanied by a letter. A phone call and will ensure that the message is received at home.” – Sarah Bamber

They have chosen plain white tyvek wristbands as they are both cheap and relatively secure. Additionally, they are a single use wristband which can be removed fairly easily.

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