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Founder: George Reyes
Founder: George Reyes

For over 5 years, George Reyes has been tirelessly working on behalf of schools all across America. George has helped 100’s of schools use custom printed silicone wristbands for streamlining all aspects of the day to day running of the environment.

Wristbands for Schools are used for streamlining the canteen, rewarding students, identification, school trips and much more. Through our ability to negotiate rock-bottom prices we have helped many schools and colleges use the incredible organising power of wristbands.

Why we began this project.

After spending time supplying wristbands to businesses global, George wanted to put something back into the community. The organisational power of custom silicone wristbands was evident from the immense popularity amongst business owners.

Asa result, George saw a niche whereby he could supply wristbands to schools and colleges both in the USA and globally to help them organise the everyday goings on.

Who we currently work with.