Wristbands for Schools

Wristbands for schools

We keep the worlds largest supply of Wristbands for schools Paper Wristbands made from Tyvek®, Shiny Plastic Wristbands and Soft Vinyl wristbands that can ship in most cases the same day. Plastic wristbands and our premium Vinyl Wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear.

We are experts at branding your wristbands for school events. We can add your school logo and all the text you want better than anyone else in the industry with the highest quality and extraordinary service..

Our Paper Wristbands made of Tyvek® are economical, comfortable and tamper resistant due to special custom die cuts at the adhesive area that can detect the removal or transfer attempts of the wristbands. Paper Wristbands are made of a strong lightweight, waterproof made of Tyvek® . These Wristbands will not stretch or tear wet or dry.

You can order them online faster and cheaper.

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